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January 30, 2018
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January 31, 2018

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Propylene glycol; application, properties and features

Propylene glycol is a chemical of the family of alcohol. This chemical is one of the most widely used industrial materials that covers a wide range of large and small industries.
Propylene glycol is represented by Latin Propylene Glycol and consists of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The chemical formula of propylene glycol is represented by the symbol C3H8O2. This chemical is colorless, odorless and in the form of a liquid that has a sweet taste. Propylene glycol toxicity is minor, but when working with it, you should observe individual safety and hygiene considerations.

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Physical, chemical and other properties of propylene glycol:

Propylene glycol is chemically considered an organic material. In the market for industrial raw materials, propylene glycol is also known as "Menu Propylene Glycol". The amount of moisture absorption is relatively high. The chemical structure of propylene glycol is as follows:
Propylene glycol is also used in both high volume and low volume laboratory. In either case, access to basic information about this widely used chemical is essential. In other words, the main information of propylene glycol indicates which conditions should work with this material. The following table shows the general information about the physical and chemical properties of propylene glycol.

Physical and chemical properties Description
physical state Liquid - colorless - odorless - sweet taste
Molecular formula C3H8O2
Molecular weight 09/76
Common names Propane - A and 2DiL / α - Propylene glycol / A and 2 - Dioxypropane / Methyl ethyl glycol (MEG) / Methylene glycol / Menu Propylene glycol
Melting point (° C) 59-
Boiling point (° C) 188
Density (grams per cubic centimeter) 036/1
Steam pressure at 20 ° C (mm Hg) 188
Refractive index 432/1
Flash point (fahrenheit) 225
Storage and maintenance conditions room temperature
Solubility in water Soluble in water
Solubility in other chemicals Solubility in Alcohols / Esters / Columns / Amines
viscosity 042/0
Merck No. 147855

Applications of propylene glycol:

Propylene glycol or mono propylene glycol (MPG) is used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health, food and food industries and the production of some industrial materials. The most important uses of this industrial chemical are summarized in the following table.

Industry name Propylene glycol application
Pharmacy Solvent / Softener / Stabilizer
make up products Moisture absorbent / Moisturizing emulsion / Moisturizer
Detergent and cleaning products (all types of shampoos - soaps - creams, lotions and all kinds of cleansers) Solvent / diluent
Food industry Emulsifier / stabilizer / lubricant / solvent / moisture storage in food / stabilizer / solvent in the essential oil industry
Aerospace industry Cooling engine airplane
Industrial Machinery As an oil in hydraulic systems
Paint industry and coating Material of making polyester resin / solvent / adhesive agent in some paints and varnishes

Safety Notes and Cautions for Working with Propylene Glycol:

Considering that the propylene glycol chemical substance is an integral part of the products of cosmetic, health and medicinal products, it is necessary and necessary to pay attention to the essential points and the risk factors and the risk factors associated with this widely used chemical. In the following, we will discuss some of the most important warning signs and safety tips for propylene glycol. Stay with us.
Generally speaking, propylene glycol is known as an additive and concentrator for a variety of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Obviously working with this chemical, especially in high concentrations, will create a series of allergic symptoms that threaten the health of an individual.
Frequent skin contact with propylene glycol causes irritation and itchy skin. If skin contact with this material, skin should be washed quickly with water. If a person accidentally drops propylene glycol through the mouth, it may cause liver and kidney function impairment.
Propylene glycol is a no odorless liquid, but if vapors are inhaled by the nose, it can stimulate the respiratory system and the lungs. The occurrence of acute pulmonary problems and, in some cases, asthma is a consequence of inhalation of propylene glycol vapors.
It is recommended that all personal and industrial safety related chemicals be used in factories and industries where individuals and employees are involved in different areas of laboratory, production, quality control and transportation of propylene glycol barrels. . The requirements and instructions that are required when working with propylene glycol should be given to these people. The health of the employees of the industry is more important than anything else and will increase the efficiency and efficiency of that industry.

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