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Glycerin; application, properties and features

Glycerin is a liquid chemical substance that is manufactured industrially in an industrial raw material manufacturing plant. The percentage of moisture absorption by glycerin is very high, which is why this material is used to provide a variety of health products and skin and hair care products.
Glycerin is naturally present in some foods, but it can be industrially synthesized by the soaping or estrification reaction. The glycerin obtained from this reaction is impure; therefore, pure distilled glycerin is produced by distillation and separation.

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Physical, chemical and other properties of glycerin:

The glycerin molecule consists of carbon atoms, oxygen, and hydrogen. Glycerin can be called alcohol as a factor in which the position of hydroxy groups in it will create the physical and chemical properties of the molecule. The glycerine structure is shown in the form.
Glycerin is mainly soluble in water, but dissolves in very small amounts in other alcohols. The properties of this substance are based on the production of ester and fat. The general characteristics of glycerin and the physical and chemical properties of this substance are fully described in the table below.

Physical and chemical properties Description
physical state Clear liquid / colorless and odorless
Molecular formula C3H8O3
Molecular weight 09/92
Common names Glycerol / glycerine / propane tril / 1, 2 and 3 - propane tril / trihydroxypropane
Melting point (° C) 19
Boiling point (° C) 290
viscosity 421/1
Density (grams per cubic centimeter) 261/1
Refractive index 4746/1
Storage and maintenance conditions 2 to 8 degrees centigrade
Solubility in water Soluble in water
Degree of ignition (centigrade) 160 تا 176
Merck No. 144484

Applications of glycerin:

Glycerin is a nutritionally important ingredient. Major industries that operate in the field of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food products are the main consumers of glycerine. An important feature of this substance is its absorbent moisture content.
This feature makes it possible to use a variety of cakes and cookies, skin conditioners and shampoos, industrial oils, and a variety of beverages. The following table illustrates the most important applications of glycerin.

Industry name Application of glycerin
Pharmacy Softener / Lubricant / Moisturizer / Provides lotion and suppository
cosmetic products Solvent / Moisture Absorber / Skin Softener / Cream / Skin Cream / Production of all types of soap / smoothing shampoos and handwashing liquid and toothpaste
Food industry Manufacture of beverages / Lubricants and modifiers of food products / Emulsifiers / Moisture absorbers / Preparation of cakes and sweeteners and towels
Industrial applications Preparation of explosives such as TNT / Lubricants for metal / antifreeze installations for industrial machinery

Safety Tips and Warnings on Working with Glycerin:

As noted in the previous sections, glycerin is commercially available and commercially available in two edible and industrial grades. The food industry, pharmaceuticals and other products that use glycerin as one of their ingredients should be well aware of the properties and characteristics of this substance and, most importantly, the safety tips of working with glycerin or its MSDS.
Glycerin has a fairly sweet taste, but this does not mean that it can be ingested or if it is swallowed by an individual, no symptoms result. If glycerin is accidentally contacted by skin or eyes, it will cause severe irritation and penetration into the pores of the skin. In case of inhalation of vapors, the respiratory system is also stimulated and has acute effects.
There is still no evidence of the effects of contact with glycerin on the liver or human genetics, but long-term exposure to this chemical can have toxic effects for the kidneys and is harmful to the organs of the body.
In case of glycerin contact with eyes and skin, quickly wash the contact area with water and consult a physician if intensive inflammation occurs. In many cases, washing with cold water is very effective. In case of glycerin vapors, it is necessary to use pure oxygen to reduce its harmful effects, and the person should refer the doctor quickly.

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