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Honey wax; application, properties and properties

Bees Wax is a natural yellowish substance found in the honeybee hive. The bee makes up the pollen of the flowers and turns it into the wax of its hive cells. Honey wax has an elasticity and is rich in organic matter. The compounds in honey bees are suitable for the production of medicinal products, food and also for industrial applications. Bees wax can be made by melting bee nests.
Honey wax is a natural compound, but in contrast, there are also synthetic synthetic waxes that are similar in nature to their natural wax names; polyethylene glycol wax and kosmonucleate wax, two examples of synthetic waxes They are counting

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Physical, chemical and other properties of honey wax:

Honey wax is a natural compound produced by bees. The color of the wax depends on the flower that the bee has collected from the pollen and is seen in the range of yellow to dark brown. Honey wax is generally a waxy solid found in the honey bee hive.
The important thing about the physical and chemical properties of honey wax is more in relation to its appearance, meaning that honey bees melt at temperatures of around 65 ° C; with honey increasing, temperatures up to 100 ° C begin to decompose It loses its natural form; when it reaches a temperature of about 250 ° C, it becomes steamy. The table below shows some important information about honey wax.

Physical and chemical properties Description
physical state Solid / No specific shape / Smell / Yellow
Honey wax ingredients Esters / Alcohols / Acids / Heavy Hydrocarbons
Melting point (° C) 60
Solubility in water Insoluble in water
Solubility in other materials Soluble in ether / carbon monoxide / gasoline / petroleum / chloroform

Applications of Bees Wax:

The most important property of honey wax is its flexibility and ductility, and this has been used in many applications. Almost most cosmetics, food and medicine, as well as other industries use honey bees to produce their products. Many industries that at first glance do not appear to be consumers of honey bees use this material to make their own industrial products; manufacturers of waxes and color pencils are from such industries. The uses of wax honey are summarized in the following table.

Industry name Application of honey canvas
Pharmacy Covering pills / facilitating the absorption of drugs in the body / additive to some medication
make up products Cream and lotions / Softeners / Lipstick / Face & Eye Cream / Shampoo & Hair Styling / Creating Emulsion & Resilience in Cosmetics / Production of Face Makeup
Food industry Producing all kinds of sweets / protectors. Metal food containers / Chemicals / Plastic coatings for food storage / Chewing gum
Industrial applications Production of wax grafting / Craft production / Production of waxes / Production of mosquito nets / Production of corrosion inhibiting waxes / Specific yarn production / As surface protectors for metals in industrial machinery such as printing / candle making / industrial modeling and Casting molding / Leather making / Paper making / Workshop on wood and metals

Safety Tips and Warnings on Working with Chemical Wax Honey:

Bees Wax is stable against corrosive agents, and because of its natural nature, there will be no harm to human health. In skincare products such as softeners and creams, honey wax increases the absorption of creams by skin pores. Antioxidants in honey bees are the enemy of carcinogenic agents in the individual body, and eating honey with wax is also recommended in many scientific sources.

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