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Stearic acid; application, properties and properties

Stearic Acid is an organic chemical that is placed in the category of saturated fatty acids. This 18-carbon acid is one of the most widely used industrial acids and is available in two industrial and edible grades. Stearic acid is also naturally found in edible and vegetable oils and also in the synthetic form in the industry.

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Physical, chemical and other properties of stearic acid:

Stearic acid is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The COOH-caustic agent, which produces the chemical property of this molecule, is at its bottom. The acidic group of stearic acid is involved in the oxidation and reduction reactions and creates new molecules. The most important reactions of stearic acid in the industry are the production of various metal stearates such as zinc stearates, calcium stearates, magnesium, potassium, etc.. These materials cover the most important industrial uses. The table below shows the physical and chemical properties of stearic acid.
The molecular structure of stearic acid is shown in the form.

Physical and chemical properties Description
physical state Solid white
Molecular formula C18H36O2/td>
Molecular weight 48/284
Common names Stearic acid / octo-decanoic acid
Melting point (° C) 67 تا 72
Boiling point (° C) 361
Density (grams per cubic centimeter) 9048/0
Steam pressure (kPa) 01/0
Refractive index (at 80 ° C) 4299/1
Flash point (fahrenheit) More than 230 degrees
Storage and maintenance conditions 2 to 8 degrees centigrade
Solubility in water 0.1 to 1 g in 100 ml of water and 23 ° C
Merck No. 148804

Stearic Acid Applications:

Stearic acid is used both as a unique substance and as an intermediate in reactions in the industry. Hydrogen in the acidic acid of stearic acid can participate in the replacement reactions, and metal ions with a small atomic radius from the first group of the periodic table instead. The food industry, drug production, chemical production, all types of paints and coatings, and sanitary and detergent industries are the main consumers of stearic acid. The following table shows the most important uses of stearic acid.

Industry name Application of stearic acid
Pharmacy Production of pills / lubricants
cosmetic products Production of soaps and shampoos / lotions / softeners
Food industry Sugar and Candy Hardener / Edible Pasta
Industrial applications Candles / Industrial lubricants / Motor oils / Paint production and coating / Rubber softener

Safety Tips and Warnings on Working with a Stearic Acid Chemical:

Given that stearic acid has a hydrogen in its molecular structure, it is reactively reactive and is easily involved in ion-reactive reactions with another ion atom. For this reason, knowledge of the chemical safety of this substance is necessary for people who are associated with stearic acid.
For stearic acid, no toxic effects or acute effects have been observed, but people who are in contact with stearic acid powder or vapors and dust are irritating to the eyes, skin, and respiratory system. Contact with stearic acid also causes digestive system disorder.
If a person's skin come into contact with stearic acid, immediately rinse the contact area and in the event of excessive irritation and inflammation immediately see your doctor. In case of inhalation of vapors irritate the respiratory system and stearic acid, it is better to be moved to the open air and, if possible, he used oxygen to breathe better.
Stearic acid should be stored and stored away from heat sources, heat sources, fire and moisture. All packages containing Stearic Acid should have an industrial label including the weight, safety and physical properties of the substance. This material should be stored in closed containers and away from oxidizing and alkaline materials.

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