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April 10, 2018

Introduction to various types of industrial chemicals and their applications

The presence of materials in human life dates back to a very early age. Historical and historical evidence obtained from various historical periods indicates the use of humans from various materials at that time. Materials that were extracted naturally from mountains and mines, materials that were easily melted in melting furnaces, and materials that were malleable and used to make various tools, examples of these applications are.

Metal elements and alloys were among the first natural raw materials used for use in industry. Copper, iron, gold, silver, tin, steel and cast iron are the most important of these materials. A batch of other chemicals are found in combination in nature. These materials are formed by the combination of different atoms.

Application of various industrial chemicals

All of the industrial chemicals we are dealing with today are made up of atoms in the periodic table. These materials are divided into different categories, each of which has unique physical and chemical properties that makes it suitable for a particular application. The application of various types of chemicals in the industry is described as follows:

Ceramic tile industry: Ceramics and tiles are one of the largest industries in each country and can meet the needs of the construction sector. To make these products, chemicals such as aluminum oxides, nitrides and silicon carbide, silica compounds, and intermediates are used. Silica makes the ceramic resistant to extreme heat.

Rubber, Plastic, and Polymer: Monomer units, such as ethylene derivatives obtained from petroleum derivatives, are suitable for the polymerization reaction in the refinery. Polymer products derived from this series of reactions are all types of polyethylene used in the production of various plastic products such as food packaging containers, tanks, pipes and fittings, polyethylene films and etc.
Polymers are made of high carbon chains, and the number of carbon, chain length and number of branches with functional groups creates special properties in a polymeric material. For example, the use of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PVC will vary with the use of polyethylene or nylon.
For the production of various types of chemicals, chemicals are also used as softeners and additives, stabilizers, carbon black and so on. The durability and durability of tires, as well as their flexibility, are possible with the use of materials such as stearates.

Plating and Casting Industries: Mineral salts in which they are one of the intermediate metals are widely used in this industry. Substances such as copper acetate, zinc acetate, magnesium oxide, sulfamic acid, nickel oxide, iron sulfate, aluminum dichromate, zinc carbonate, iron chloride, iron nitrate, and many derivatives of these salts are used in the electroplating and casting industry.

Cosmetic-healthcare industries: Compounds that have a complex structure, made of limited atoms, are in organic chemicals. These materials are generally composed of carbon atoms, oxygen and hydrogen, and have very important properties for the production of these products. Monostearates Glycerol, isopropyl palmate, isopropyl myrestate, glycols, various waxes, sorbitol, polysorbate, parabens, paraffin, glycerin, vaseline, lanolin and ... The most important consumables of this industry are large.

Pharmaceutical Industries: Almost 90% of organic and inorganic chemicals are used in liquid and solid state for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. Some of these chemicals include: glycerin, urea, acetic acid, ethanol, actin, paraffin, bismuth, glycol, lecithin, stearate, zinc oxide, ammonium chloride, benzyl alcohol, polysorbates, thymol, sodium lauryl sulfate, sorbitol, Guar gum, Methyl salicylate, Honey wax, Menthol, Glycolic acid, and the like.

Paint and Resin Industry & Industrial Coatings: One of the world's most widely-used industries, the industry is catering to industrial, resin and coatings. The materials used for these industries have organic and mineral nature.
Primary chemicals for the production of all types of paints and resins are: Types of pigments, chemical solvents such as toluene, benzene and xylene, thickeners and stabilizers, polyester resin epoxy and various types of dryers. Chemical solvents used in this industry are very important; these solvents can be classified into the main categories of alcohols and ethers, esters, ketones, aromatic solvents, and aldehydes.

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